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Sue Robash Carr Distinguished Alumni Award

Every biennium, the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association presents the Sue Robash Carr Distinguished Alumni Award to an outstanding formerly active, associate, or Honorary member of the Sorority.  Nominations are due by April 1st preceding each national convention of the TBSAA and the winner is announced at the convention banquet.  See below for detail about the award selection process.

Previous Recipients:

2013 – Bev Cohen, Zeta Delta

2015 – Marcus Wyche, Beta EtaRed Rose


The purpose of the Distinguished Alumni Award is to recognize an alumnus/a who is making, or has made, an outstanding contribution to Tau Beta Sigma, its Alumni Association and society.

For the purpose of judging nominations, an outstanding contribution should include evidence of one or more of the following:

  • Service and Support to Tau Beta Sigma: The recipient’s deeds and actions reflect the importance of his or her educational training, pride in sisterhood and loyalty to Tau Beta Sigma, as demonstrated through their interest in and support of Tau Beta Sigma, the Alumni Association and their programs.
  • Professional Achievement and Career or Military Service Distinction: The recipient attained prominence through his or her efforts in commerce, the professions, agriculture, the arts, education, government, military or other worthy endeavors that form a record of accomplishment impressive to the members of Tau Beta Sigma and the nation.
  • Service to Society: The recipient exhibits integrity and a demonstrated commitment to service through an interest in bettering the lives of others through volunteer efforts.


  1. Only living alumni of Tau Beta Sigma are eligible. For purposes of definition, an alumnus of  is any formerly active or associate member, or who received at least one degree from a college or university that has a chapter of Tau Beta Sigma.


  1. The award shall consist of a certificate and an award plaque presented to the recipient.
  2. The award will be presented bi-annually at the Tau Beta Sigma National Convention reception/banquet.


  1. Nominations may be submitted by 1) members of any Active Chapter or District of Tau Beta Sigma or 2) anyone who is a current member of the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association. Letters of support (see below) may be written by any individual familiar with the work of the nominee.
  2. All nominations must include the following:
    1. A nomination statement from the person placing the name in nomination, which details the nominee’s qualifications as a Distinguished Alumnus.
    2. A biographical statement (or résumé), providing basic information such as: name, address, employment history, and educational background.
    3. Three (3) letters of support by individuals who are in favor of the nomination. Letters must include the name and email address of the individual submitting the letter. These individuals do not need to meet the qualifications of the person placing the name in nomination.
  3. Nominations should be sent by e-mail to: tbsaa@tbsigma.org. Complete nomination packets may also be sent to: Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association, TBSAA Distinguished Alumni Award Nomination, PO Box 849, Stillwater, OK  74076-0849
  4. All paperwork must be postmarked, or electronically transmitted, by April 1.
  5. All nominations for the award shall continue in force for the following two years. After that time, they may be resubmitted.      Resubmissions will supersede previous submissions.
  6. If, in the opinion of either the Selection Committee or the TBSAA Executive Council, no worthy candidate is nominated in a given biennium, the Award will not be presented that year.


  1. The selection committee shall be composed of four (4) members, three (3) of whom shall be active members of TBSAA, appointed by the chair of the TBSAA Executive Council. The fourth member shall be the Special Projects Chair of the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association. The appointed membership of the committee shall remain anonymous. An award will only be presented if the committee’s decision is by 2/3 majority.
  2. The Special Projects Chair of the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting, member and shall offer assistance in coordinating nominations.
  3. It shall be the duty of the selection committee to make the final selection of the award recipient (by 2/3 majority) and to make such recommendation to the Executive Council. The Executive Council will then approve or reject the Committee’s recommendation. Approval by the Executive Council must be by 2/3 of the Council Members present.
  4. The TBSAA representative will coordinate notification and certificate/plaque preparation once a recipient has been selected.