Recipient of the 2016 TBSAA Grant Announced


The TBSAA Executive Council is proud to announce the recipient of the 2016 TBSAA Grant: Jennifer Villarreal, alumna of the Beta Zeta chapter at Stephen F. Austin State University.

Jennifer is a native of San Antonio, Texas, and currently serves as the district flute instructor in Roma Independent School District in Texas, and teaches at Roma High School, Roma Middle School, and Ramiro Barrera Middle School.

Jennifer’s grant proposal sought to assist alleviate the cost of bringing a clinician to the district for the Fall 2016 Semester. Being 4 hours away from the closest metropolitan area, the Roma band program lacks in direct, regular contact with the available band professionals. The TBSAA’s grant will assist provide funding for a clinician to travel to South Texas and help her students become better musicians.

The E.C. would like to thank all of the grant program applicants. The alumni of Tau Beta Sigma are doing amazing work supporting music programs across the country. Information about the 2017 TBSAA grant will be released next year. Congratulations Jennifer!

TBSAA Begins Online Membership Processing

You asked for it!  You got it!

TBSAA Opens Online Membership Form

tbsaa-brioletteStarting May 17, 2016, the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association now accepts new memberships and membership renewals via an online portal.  Thanks to the hard work of the National Headquarters staff, TBS alumni and friends can go online to submit their membership information and payment via a secure online form.  Alumni will still have the option of printing the membership form and paying via check, however, all credit card transactions can be submitted online.

“This is something our alumni have been clamoring for, and we’re very excited to provide this online renewal option,” said Chris Foster, TBSAA Member Relations chair, “we send our appreciation out to Aaron Moore and Robert Bratcher for their help in getting this project off the ground.”

button1The Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association is entering its tenth year of existence, with plans underway for a grand anniversary celebration at the 2017 National Convention in Orlando, Florida.  Just in time for the start of the online payment process, the TBSAA has recently unveiled a revised membership model, with a single membership status and dues cost for all TBS alumni, and with options for either upgrading to a premium level (The Gold Star Club) or for those just wanting to participate in their local alumni association.

For more information, contact

A New Membership Model for TBSAA

TBSAA-greekA New Membership Model for the TBS Alumni Association

For some time, the TBSAA Executive Council has been researching new ideas for its membership structure. While membership in the organization has steadily increased over the nine years of its existence, the rate of growth has slowed in recent biennia.  After a series of strategic planning meetings, researching peer organizations, and targeted discussions with Sorority alumni, the TBSAA is moving forward with our new membership model.

Based upon the feedback received from TBSAA members and other alumni, a key issue at hand was the inability to perfect a one-size-fits-all membership package. Alumni members of the Sorority have a wide array of ideas and desires for continuing to participate in TBS after graduation. Their focus ranges from active participation in a local alumni group, to convention attendance, to philanthropy, and more. While the question “what are the benefits of joining?” is standard for all alumni organizations, we have been faced with an ever-changing expectation as to what that answer should be.

Choosing Your Level of Participation

The previous membership structure of the TBSAA has focused on who you are: whether that’s an alumni member, Life member, younger alumni, or Friend.  As part of our restructured membership model beginning June 1, 2016, there are now three membership levels for Sorority Alumni to choose from that answer the question – “How would you like to be involved?” —

  • Alumni Membership – This is the standard membership level, including the membership benefits currently associated with joining the TBSAA, and will have the same dues cost for all, regardless of membership status or age.
  • LAA Access – Alumni who wish to participate in their local TBS or joint LAA (local alumni association) can choose this level of participation. It allows them to be included on the LAA membership roster and includes a subscription to the Entr’Acte. This membership level does not receive a membership card, nor include access to conventions.
  • Gold Star Club – The Gold Star Club is the premium membership level. This is designed for alumni who are interested in philanthropy and want an enhanced alumni experience, including a commemorative gift, conference call with the Executive Council, recognition in the Rhapsody and Podium, special events at National Convention, and more.

Friend membership will remain an option for supporters of the TBSAA who are not alumni members of the Sorority, including alumni of Kappa Kappa Psi, spouses, parents, siblings, children, and friends.

The TBSAA Executive Council is excited to open this new chapter for the Association! To submit questions or comments on the new membership structure, send an email to

Tau Beta Sigma for Greater Bands!

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TBSAA Grant Applications Accepted through June 1st


Applications for the 2016 TBSAA Grant are currently being accepted through June 1, 2016.

The Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association Grant exists to support continued service and personal development for members of the TBSAA. To better support this mission, the TBSAA Grant is awarded each year to a TBSAA Member who seeks up to $500 in financial assistance in the areas of Sorority Service, Music Programs, and/or Professional Development.

Last years winner, Sarah Cox, used the grant to assist a nonprofit music group purchase new sheet music & scores and repairing old & damaged instruments. We can’t wait to see the applications our members submit this year!

Applications are due June 1, 2016 by mail to the National Headquarters or by email to For more information, click here.

TBSAA Sponsors 5th Annual TBS/KKPsi Sing at TMEA Convention


For the fifth consecutive year, the TBSAA is the primary sponsor of the annual KKPsi/TBS Sing event at the Texas Music Educators Association annual clinic & convention in San Antonio, Texas.  The event, the music education convention in the United States, brings together over 25,000 musicians, music educators, college students, K-12 music students, family members, and exhibitors (including the National Headquarters).  On Thursday evening, February 11, at 10:15 pm after the convention activities and concerts have ended, Sisters and Brothers will come together to sing our five official songs and join in fellowship and music.

TBSAA is a continuing sponsor of the event, with the cooperative support of both national organizations and the KKPsiAA.  All active, alumni, associate, and honorary members, as well as membership candidates are welcome to attend and join in the music.

The event will be in Room CC303  in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center this Thursday night at 10:15 pm.

The TBSAA created a Facebook event page to spread the news of the event among the active member population.  Feel free to join if you will be in attendance in San Antonio this week.

Looking back at 2015

The Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association (TBSAA) had a terrific 2015, growing our membership to over 380 members, launching two new programs, and reuniting with sisters at district and national conventions. 


New Programs in 2015

In May 2015, we hosted our first annual For Greater Bands 5K in Columbia, Maryland. 75 individuals participated and the proceeds were donated to local school band programs that participated in the race. The TBSAA Executive Council is exploring locations to host the race again in 2016. Special thanks to Tamara Henry for leading the inaugural race.

This past year, we also our awarded our first Alumni Grant Award to Sarah Cox, alumna of the Epsilon Kappa chapter at UCLA. Sarah works with the Harmony Project, a non-profit music education organization in Los Angeles. As part of her grant proposal, Sarah plans to use the grant funding to help The Music Library and Instrument Tune-Up program supporting over 200 students who associated with the Harmony Project. This spring we will announce our next round of grant applications.

District and National Conventions

During the spring, district affiliates and alumni association members gathered at each of the district conventions. The conventions always provide a terrific chance for alumni to reunite, while providing leadership and support for actives. We are continuing to work with the alumni affiliates to create even more opportunities for alumni to participate.

In July, we had an incredible turn out at the National Convention in Lexington. Alumni participated in a mix of professional development workshops, committee meetings, business meetings and social events. Some of us even reconnected with our youth through mini-golf and roller skating. The  newly renamed Sue Robash Carr Distinguished Alumni Award was awarded to Marcus Wyche, of the Beta Eta chapter at the University of Maryland.

A Great Year Ahead!

Now a month into 2016, the new executive council has big plans to continue even more great programming to our alumni. Check back often for updates and opportunities to get involved.


TBSAA Executive Council Meets in New Orleans

The Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association Executive Council is meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 15-17, 2016.  They will be discussing ongoing goals for the association, expanding events and programs during 2016, and participate in meeting with the Tau Beta Sigma National Council, Board of Trustees, and National Headquarters staff.

To contribute ideas to the ongoing discussion, email


Platinum Jubilee Pins for sale


Welcome to 2016, and the platinum (70th) anniversary of Tau Beta Sigma!!

Last summer, at the National Convention in Kentucky, the TBSAA sold limited edition Jubilee pins (see below). The remaining stock are now available for purchase, through PayPal account only, on the TBSAA website. LESS THAN 100 of these keepsakes remain. Order yours today at

Your name and shipping address will be sent through PayPal; just click the PayPal button to purchase. The pins are $15, plus $3.50 shipping, with a preset limit of one per transaction.

The Second National Convention of Tau Beta Sigma


Welcome to the Entr’Acte, the online blog of the TBSAA!

In this holiday season, we are thankful for the many women who took the formative steps for Tau Beta Sigma to become a national organization, and to and the band directors and sponsors who supported them.  To honor these pioneers of our Sisterhood, we are reprinted the Tau Beta Sigma section of the 1947 edition of The Baton of Kappa Kappa Psi (predecessor of The Podium).  Enjoy this account of the second National Convention of the Sorority and reflect on our growth over the last 69 years!

Tau Beta Sigma

National Honorary Band Sorority

Officially Affiliated with Kappa Kappa Psi
Delegates and Attendees of the Second National Convention of Tau Beta Sigma, Stillwater, Oklahoma, March 1947
Delegates, Sponsors and Members of TBS

The Second National Convention

The second National Convention of Tau Beta Sigma was held in conjunction with Kappa Kappa Psi with the Alpha Chapter of the Oklahoma A. and M. College as the entertaining chapter on March 6, 7, and 8, 1947. Delegates and members from four of the five active chapters in the Sorority were present with visiting bandwomen from several other colleges and universities.
The delegates were registered in on the afternoon of March 5 and all of the young ladies were assigned to Willard Hall, one of the beautiful dormitories on the Oklahoma A. and M. campus for young women. Shortly after the evening meal everyone attended the band mixer which was sponsored by the Oklahoma A. and M. College Girls’ Band. It was here that Kappa Kappa Psi became aware of the fact that the Tau Beta Sigma girls were a great part of the convention.
Following the band mixer, the first rehearsal of the National Intercollegiate Band was held at the College Auditorium with Prof. Max Mitchell in charge.  And it was evident that the young ladies were to be a great part in the first Intercollegiate Band to be held in the United States.  Important positions in the band instrumentation were assigned to the young ladies, which was greatly appreciated.
A big welcome smile from Alpha Chapter members, Donis Parks, Pres.; and Ida Mae Adams.
A big welcome smile from Alpha Chapter members, Donis Parks, Pres.; and Ida Mae Adams.

The Tau Beta Sigma delegates and members were guests of Kappa Kappa Psi at the opening session and were presented by Dr. F. Lee Bowling, the Grand President of the Fraternity. The memorial service presented at the joint session was very impressive and was instrumental in causing every Tau Beta
Sigma to feel the strength of the tie that binds the two great organizations together for the common good of everyone.

The crowning social event of the convention was the Tau Beta Sigma tea held on Friday afternoon, given by the Alpha Chapter and supervised by Miss Vesta Etchison, Y. W. C. A. Secretary of Oklahoma A. and M. and honorary member of the Alpha Chapter. The tea was given in honor of the visiting delegates of Tau Beta Sigma, the musical faculty of the college and the wives of Kappa Kappa Psi as well as the ladies of the Intercollegiate Band.
All of the Tau Beta Sigma members were special guests of Boh Makovsky at a banquet held at 6:30 P. M. Friday evening at Willard Hall. Dr. Makovsky is a member of the Board of Trustees for Tau Beta Sigma and an honorary member of the Alpha Chapter. A very delightful time was experienced at the dinner. After the banquet everyone attended the National Intercollegiate Concert at the College Auditorium and Tau Beta Sigma was well represented in the membership of the band as special guests of the Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity.
Following the band concert every one attended the Dance at the Legion Hall which was given by the Oklahoma A. and M. College Symphonic Band. Again the young ladies of Tau Beta Sigma scored a few points for the fine representation and the interest manifested in a pleasing period of entertainment.
The business session of the Tau Beta Sigma convention opened Saturday morning in the Y. W. C. A. room with Miss Eachison giving the welcoming address. Timely words of wisdom were added which were greatly cherished by all present. In the absence of National President Miss Doris Ragsdale, the National First Vice President, Miss Suzanne Wetmore of the Gamma chapter took charge of the meeting. Greetings were presented by Dr. Boh Makovsky and a fine address presented by Hugh McMillen, director of bands of the University of Colorado.
After delegates were received and recognized, matters of business were presented and carried out in an orderly manner. The officers elected for the next two years were as follows: Miss Suzanne Wetmore, of Gamma Chapter, National President; Miss Dorothy Allen, of Delta chapter, National First Vice President; Miss Frances Martin, of Alpha chapter, National Second Vice President; Miss Bernice Friend, of the Alpha Chapter, National Secretary; Miss Frances Brockman, of the Epsilon chapter, National Treasurer and Miss Rosemary Wright, of Alpha Chapter, National Historian.
The following members of the Board of Trustees were elected: Hugh McMillen, University of Colorado; D.O. Wiley, Texas Tech; Boh Makovsky Oklahoma A .and M. and Dr. F. Lee Bowling of Denver. Miss Wetmore became the fifth member as defined in the constitution.
The Tau Beta Sigma members joined with the Kappa Kappa Psi delegates in a real outing at the Blackwell Lake where a grand old western barbecue was served. Again the young ladies came up to the occasion in an eating contest staged around the festive board in western style.
The afternoon session was opened by voting the next convention to be held with the Kappa Kappa Psi convention at Boulder during the summer of 1949.  This was followed by a short address by Dr. F. Lee Bowling, Grand President of Kappa Kappa Psi as he brought the good news that the Fraternity has officially voted to accept Tau Beta Sigma as an affiliate member of Kappa Kappa Psi and they would officially be recognized as a sister organization of the Fraternity.
The Alpha Chapter held a model initiation ceremony which included all three degrees beautifully presented.  Honors were bestowed on Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Jones, of Lowell, Indiana; Mr. and Mrs. A. Frank Martin of Oklahoma A. and M. who were made honorary members. The third degree was conferred upon Hugh McMillen of the University of Colorado and Leonard Haug, of the University of Oklahoma, making them full honorary members of their chapter where they are sponsors. Miss Dorothy Allen of the Delta Chapter was also honored with the Third Degree as a model candidate.

The New National Officers of Tau Beta Sigma

For the past year Miss Doris Ragsdale of New Mexico has been the national president of Tau Beta Sigma. Miss Ragsdale found it impossible to attend the second national convention and sent her regrets to the convention. The newly elected officers the next year are Miss Suzanne Wetmore of the Gamma Chapter from the University of Colorado. Miss Wetmore was the national vice-president for the past year and assumed the position as acting president during the national convention. Miss Wetmore was elected to the position of national president and will have the direction of the sorority in her care.
Frances Brockman, National Treasurer
Frances Brockman, National Treasurer

The first national vice-president elected was Miss Dorothy Allen, president of the Delta Chapter of the University of Oklahoma. Miss Allen has been quite active in the leadership of her chapter and is an excellent person for the position. Miss Frances Martin of Alpha Chapter was elected the second vice-president after having served one year as secretary. Miss Bernice Friend of the Alpha Chapter, who has been the national treasurer, was elevated to the position of national secretary.

It was felt by the delegates convened that it would be well to give some consideration to the Epsilon Chapter of Butler University. Miss Frances Brockman, a junior at Butler University, was elected national treasurer. Miss Brockman is very active in the Epsilon Chapter and has had an experience in leadership that will make her services quite helpful to the national organization.
Rosemary Wright, National Historian
Rosemary Wright, National Historian

In order that some record may be left in the archives of the sorority it was felt that an additional national officer should be elected so that these records could be kept with a view of furnishing to the future chapters and members a complete history of the organization. Miss Rosemary Wright, president of the Alpha Chapter for the past year, was elected as the national historian. It was the wish of the sorority that Miss Wright start immediately to compile all the records and achievements of the sorority for the past two years in the form of a historical report so that the customs and activities of the sorority could be recorded· in such a manner that it will leave a tradition for the chapter in the future to follow.

Since the [constitution] of Tau Beta Sigma states that the executive secretary shall be in conjunction with the national office of Kappa Kappa Psi, the convention went on record endorsing the selection of A. Frank Martin of Stillwater, Oklahoma as the executive secretary of Tau Beta Sigma. Mr. Martin takes care of all the activities of the office, such as correspondence, the ordering of shingles, jewelry, and makes all the arrangements for the installation of all new chapters, collections and deposits of funds, and passes on the obligations of the sorority. The same system used, by Kappa Kappa Psi is enforced by Tau Beta Sigma. Checks for the payment of bills are issued in the office of the executive secretary but are required to be signed by the national president and national treasurer before payment can be made. The national office of Tau Beta Sigma is a joint arrangement with Kappa Kappa Psi.  Since Mr. Martin was duly elected by the national chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi to serve as their executive secretary for the coming two years, his endorsement was made by the Tau Beta Sigma delegates at the convention.
A very fine board of trustees was selected. The constitution states that the national president of the sorority shall be a member of this board, Miss Wetmore automatically becomes the first of the five members. Others selected for the position of members of this board were Boh Makovsky of the Oklahoma A. and M, College, Hugh McMillen of the University of Colorado, Dr. F. Lee Bowling of Denver, and D.O. Wiley of Texas Tech, Lubbock, Texas.
With the selection of this group of national officers it is felt by everyone connected with the sorority that an excellent selection has been made and with the experience of one year as a guide to go by it is felt that the coming two years will experience the greatest advancement and progress to be made in the life of the sorority. It was pointed out by the executive secretary’s report that some one dozen local band sororities had asked for information concerning their affiliation with the national organization.

Sponsors of the Chapters

Since Tau Beta Sigma as a national honorary sorority has only had five active chapters during its first year, it was felt that the representation of the sponsors at the national convention was unusually good.
Mr. Hiram Henry, director of the Oklahoma A. and M. College band, is the sponsor of the Alpha Chapter. His undivided time and attention was given to the assistance of the Tau Beta Sigma representatives and delegations attending the convention. It was through his wonderful cooperation that the organization was able to function in an excellent manner.
The sponsor of the Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma is  Mr. Hugh McMillen, director of the bands of the University of Colorado; Mr. McMillen is deeply interested in the activities of the Gamma Chapter and has been quite a helpful to the organization and direction of an all girls’ college band at the University of Colorado. It was through his efforts and help that a large delegation of Kappa Kappa Psi members as well as representatives of Tau Beta Sigma were able to attend the convention. His helpful assistance, words of advice, and happy smile added much to the success of the convention. It is felt that his interest in Tau Beta Sigma is sufficient to assume that for the next two years everything that can be one will be carried out to make the next convention of Tau Beta Sigma a success in every way.
Leonard Haug, Sponsor Delta Chapter, Okla. University
Leonard Haug, Sponsor
Delta Chapter, Okla. University

The sponsor of the Delta Chapter of the University of Oklahoma is their excellent director, Mr. Leonard Haug. This was the first appearance of this fine gentleman at any convention and his winning smile truly won for him a place in the hearts of all Tau Beta Sigma delegates and members. His interest in the part the young ladies are taking in the university band has been most instrumental in the establishment of a chapter of Tau Beta Sigma and it is through his advice and counsel that this organization has functioned in an exceedingly fine manner for the past year. He demonstrates eagerness to establish higher standards, a closer affiliation between the groups and his willingness to devote much time to those efforts.

What has been said about other sponsor can be said about Mr. D.O. Wiley, the sponsor of the Beta Chapter of Texas Tech.  Previous appointments prevented Mr. Wiley from attending the convention but he was truly represented by his son and a fine delegation for Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma.
The sponsor of the Epsilon Chapter was not able to attend but it is felt that the fine record by his organization justified us to say that his chapter will be a great help in this section of the United States in the building of other fine chapters.

Our Expansion Program

When you consider the fact that Tau Beta Sigma has been a national convention for only one year, it truly has an outstanding record in that some one dozen local band sororities are interested in the organization. So much so that several schools sent young ladies to Q:e convention to get information concerning the purpose and ideals of the sorority.
Since the convention, much help has been offered the Batonette Club of Phillips University of Enid, Oklahoma. It is hoped that this organization, which has been active for some time will be able to present their petition for membership before the school year closes. Word has been received from the local band sorority of Stetson University, DeLand, Florida that their petition for a chapter in Tau Beta Sigma is already on the press and that they hope to be accepted and installed before school closes this spring.
Pat Huntington, president, local band sorority, State Teachers' College, Greeley, CO
Pat Huntington, president, local band sorority, State Teachers’ College, Greeley, CO

A very fine letter has been received from Miss Pat Huntington of the local chapter located on the campus of the Colorado State College of Education, Greeley, Colorado. Miss Huntington states that their local is now completely organized and that officers have been elected. Miss Huntington is the president, Lou Helgoth is vice-president, Enid Vondey is secretary, and Peggy Dillian is the treasurer. This group of fine young ladies are receiving the whole hearted support of the Kappa Kappa Psi chapter in the completion of their petition to become a member of Tau Beta Sigma.

Requests have come from the young ladies at Cincinnati University with the statement that the local chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi had endorsed their organization and had offered to assist them in the preparation of their petition for a charter.
The Kappa Kappa Psi chapter at George Washington University had hardly been reactivated until information arrived that the chapter might aid their young ladies in securing a chapter in Tau Beta Sigma.
Reliable word has been received that the new chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi at the Texas School of Mines is now assisting the young ladies there in forming a local band sorority with a view of seeking membership in Tau Beta Sigma.

Reprinted from The Baton of Kappa Kappa Psi, 1947.  All rights reserved. 

Welcome to the Entr’Acte!

Effective November 2015, the TBSAA is changing its news & information format!

Paid TBSAA members will receive The Rhapsody magazine, which will now be in an annual, hard copy format sent to members’ homes.

For up-to-date information, the TBSAA will now have an online newsletter, the Entr’Acte!  Members can log onto the TBSAA website and click on the Entr’Acte link to see all the latest news and information.  Members will also receive a bimonthly recap of all the recent information published in the Entr’Acte as well.

For more information on the Rhapsody magazine and the Entr’Acte newsletter, contact TBSAA Members Relations chair Chris Foster at