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TBSAA Committees

One of the most essential ways TBSAA members can contribute to the planning, growth, and future of the Association is by participating in TBSAA committees.  The five standing committees are chaired by members of the TBSAA Executive Council.  Committee participation is voluntary, and members can join committees at any time.  Committees meet periodically by conference call, online chat, or video chat, and discuss association programs, initiatives, and goals. If you would like to join a committee, complete and submit the form below.


2015-17 TBSAA Standing Committees:

  • Member Relations
    • Discusses strategies to recruit and retain members; Oversees outgoing TBSAA member communications (web, social, email, newsletter).  Chair: Chris Foster
  • Affiliate Relations
    • Discusses strategies to support to current affiliates; Facilitates discussion of ideas between existing affiliates; Oversees expansion of new affiliates.  All affiliates have a representative on this committee. Chair: Amanda Dickson
  • Events
    • Oversees TBSAA special events, including organization of the 5K program; Coordinates social events such as annual alumni trip; Assists affiliates with social planning, including district conventions. Chair: René Mark
  • Programs
    • Oversees ongoing non-event programs, including the grant program, Distinguished Alumni awards, professional development activities, and the mentorship program.  Chair: Katie Rixon
  • Finance
    • Oversees TBSAA budget; Creates fundraising opportunities; Coordinates introduction of TBSAA-related merchandise; Raises financial support for programs, including grants, awards, and scholarships. Chair: Tyra Yiare


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